Wall clock Papillon large (Copia)

Wall clock Papillon large (Copia)


It is still inspired by Pop Art and butterflies but it changes dimension. Papillon in the new collection also has a larger version and always continues to be the modern watch and suitable for those looking for a solution to complete their contemporary furniture and for those who want to combine a modern watch with a more classic style. Available in three colors, Papillon made entirely in Italy has a larger size to stand out more on the wall of a living room or kitchen or office.

Dimensions: 38x68H
Material: iron

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Papillon is one of the best known and most appreciated models of our collection of design watches with pop lines: for this and for the success it has enjoyed in the new collection, it is also presented in a larger size. The butterfly design clock is an object inspired by the world of nature. It is part of a line that includes various articles and accessories born from the same idea, the butterflies. A winning idea that leads back to that of freedom and which led to the creation of two versions of the same Papillon. Contemporary design always comes from the desire to create a three-dimensional movement effect, playing with the silhouette of the butterflies applied on the dial.

The design is not only linked to the “butterflies” theme but also looks to the typical concepts of Pop Art, thus combining lightness and style. Given the larger version, it can stand out even more on the walls of a house both in a modern style and in a more classic style: in both environments Papillon breaks the mold and produces a surprising effect.

Available in three colors, white, beige and mud, in the new collection it appears with the size 38 × 68 and, with the workmanship made entirely in Italy, as a watch that represents a piece of design designed to last over time, combining functionality and style.

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